Claim Management

  • Contact Team to schedule your Free Storm Damage Evaluation with one of our Property Consultants.

    The world doesn’t stop just because your property is damaged. You still have work or your business to manage, the kids still have school, bills need to be paid and there are errands to run. We take care of your insurance claim so you can take care of yourself and your family.

    We work 100% on contingency, meaning that we don’t ask you for a dime up front. When we negotiate the final settlement, we receive a small percentage (as regulated by law). Since hiring a property consultant to handle your claim has been proven to result in larger settlements, our services essentially pay for themselves.

    Beginning the Claim Management Process

    Once you have met with one of our Property Consultants for a FREE consultation and have agreed to have Team represent you to your insurance company, the process of representing you begins.
    We start by having your property assessed by one of our professional Property Damage Assessors inspect your home for storm damage and estimate the amount of damage that has occurred.
    You will be provided the necessary information to proceed with filing your claim.

    Filing Your Claim

    Inform your insurance company that your property has been examined by a qualified contractor who found damage.
    Ask your insurance provider to establish a new property damage claim.
    Inform the insurance provider of the date of loss.
    Ask for a claim number and provide it to your Team Property Consultant.
    Advise your insurance carrier that you authorize Team to advocate on your behalf.
    Your insurance adjuster will contact you usually within 24-48 hours to set an appointment time to come out and inspect your property.
    Ask your adjuster to meet with your Team Property Consultant.
    Once your insurance adjuster has inspected your property and verified storm damage he or she will submit a report including estimate to the insurance provider for review.
    Once the report and estimate get approved by your insurance provider you will receive a copy the mail or by email.

    Purchasing Agreement

    Once you have received your estimate from your insurance provider contact your Team Property Consultant to schedule an appointment to help you select your shingle style and color.
    Your Team Property Consultant will need a complete copy of the insurance estimate in order to ensure the agreed upon scope of damages is complete and accurate.
    Your Team Property Consultant will complete a detailed work order including an agreed upon amount based on the insurance estimate and a deposit collected.
    Team LLC will place a temporary sign in you front yard if agreed.

    Production Process

    The Team LLC Property Consultant will contact you to schedule a convenient time to repair your roof.
    Please allow up to ten (10) business to schedule your project due to shingle availability.
    All materials are usually delivered the day before the scheduled build.
    Team LLC schedules all work to be completed in a timely and professional manner.
    Your Team LLC Project Manager will oversee the entire project for quality assurance.
    Upon completion, the work will be surveyed by your Team LLC Property Consultant and a post claim will be performed to ensure all work has been completed in accordance with the insurance work scope and the home owner accepts the work with 100% satisfaction.
    Once all work has been satisfactorily completed a post claim invoice will be sent to your insurance provider so the remaining funds can be released.